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Summer house Hansa Lounge 11,5m² / 5 x 5 m / 44mm

Additional small windows: different configurations are possible according to your choices.

Product Description

External dimensions:5 x 5 m (16′ 4” x 16′ 4”)
Wall height:210 cm (6′ 9”)
Ridge height:235 cm (7′ 8”)
Wall thickness:44 mm
Internal area:11,5 m²
Roofing:Ca 26 m² incl. black roofing felt, 18 mm
Floor:18 mm
Door (s):Double door 1,5 x 1,88 m, glazed
Window (s):2 x panorama window 0,9 x 1,85 m, 3 x single window 0,7 x 0,45 m
Material:Nordic spruce, untreated
Additional information:Treated foundation joists, wind braces, assembly kit, real glass in windows and doors, cylinder lock, product manual, 5 years guarantee.